As a coach involved in fundamental skills development in basketball and volleyball, I have coached hundreds of children ages 6 – 15 years of age over the past decade. I believe nutrition is an absolute key to the long term athletic development for young athletes in Canada. Children must eat a healthy diet to maintain their activity level – particularly if they are very active in sports. It has been my experience that most of the kids I coach are involved in several sports in any one season as well as other activities such as music, band, dance, etc. A well balanced diet and plenty of rest is essential to their success in balancing school, sports, and the other demands on their time. As a parent of athletes, I also know how difficult it is to manage our children’s’ diet when you are constantly “on the run”. Unfortunately, all too often the kids end up eating “drive through food” to make it to a game or practice in time after school. I have added this page to our website to provide a source of information, links, and articles for parents of athletes.

Coach Bob Baker, Program Director, Stryker Sports

Articles of interest to parents of young athletes:

Physical Education

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Fit kids perform better in the classroom: Study

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