Stryker Sports welcome sponsorship inquiries from interested individuals and businesses who wish to align their goals and support in the community. We offer numerous opportunities to get involved with our outstanding basketball and volleyball development programs in Calgary and the surrounding region. Our main programs include the SUNS Basketball Academy, SUNS Girls Basketball Club, STARS Volleyball and Rising Stars Volleyball Development League. We are the fastest growing sports development program in Calgary because of referrals from parents and players. Sponsorship opportunities include:

Providing program scholarships to pay the registration cost for at-risk and disadvantaged youth. For as little as $145 you can sponsor a child for a fundamental skills development program for either sport.

Apparel sponsorships

You can fund an item of apparel for a program. For example, hoodies or warm-up shirts for the players in a skills session. Cost $750 - $1000

Club Basketball Tournament Sponsor

SUNS hosted the largest all girls tournament in the province in 2012 with 56 teams from across Alberta competing. The main tournament sponsorship costs $2,500. Our 2013 tournament will be held on May 10 & 11 and will be expanded to 72 teams.

3-on-3 basketball mini-tournament or shooting competition sponsor

You can sponsor a mini-tournament or a 3-point shooting contest at our tournament for as little as $500.

Coach Development

Basketball Alberta provides coach training session for all levels of basketball at a cost of $300 per unit.

Adopt an Athlete

You can sponsor an elite basketball player from a socially or economically disadvantaged family for $925 for a complete club season.

Camp sponsors

Stryker Sports will organize at least 12 camps for both sports in 2013. You can become a camp sponsor for $500.

Sponsorship benefits

Sponsors will receive appropriate recognition based on their sponsorship level. The following are just a few of the benefits in appreciation for your support:

  • Logo and business name on our new website.
  • Logo and sponsor’s name on all materials related to the program such as registration fliers and online registration forms.
  • Email bulletins marketing the program, camp or tournament
  • Signage at the actual program site
  • Logos on tee-shirts and apparel