SUNS Basketball Academy Testimonials

"I want to commend you on your excellent practices. Our daughter has learned more in the few weeks with you than she has in the 2 years she has played basketball - and she is really enjoying it." Mother of 15 year-old daughter

"Just thought I would let you know that Tara really enjoyed Friday Night Lights and she made her school team for the first time. Couldn't have done it without your help." Father of grade 7 daughter

"Thank you so much for your help. She is gaining so much confidence through basketball." Mother of grade 7 daughter

"I was very impressed with how well the sessions were organized. The kids had a wonderful time but they listened and learned at the same time." Mother of boy in grade 1 and daughter in grade 3

"She gets half of the baskets some games and more importantly she understands the game so much better." Mother with son in grade 4 and daughters in grades 7 & 9, all attended SUNS Basketball programs

"Joshua absolutely loved the basketball session and is looking forward to volleyball." Mother of grade 2 boy

"Karl had his first grade 7 school game today. You can really notice the skills that he learned in SUNS." Mother of boy in grade 7

SUNS Basketball Club Testimonials

"Thanks for a great season. Tess had the time of her life!"

STARS Volleyball Testimonials

"Its great to see programs for children in grade 1." Mother of boy in grade 1

"She is really enjoying her volleyball lessons and I have seen her skills improving a great deal." Mother of girl in grade 6

"It was Jenna's first time and she loved it." Mother of girl in grade 5

"What a wonderful tournament today. I can't believe the number of kids and how great they played and how much fun they had." Mother of grade 5 player follwing session ending mini-tournament

"Stars fills that beginner to intermediate void well and has given my daughter the skills and confidence to try out for her grade 9 teamg."

"Marshall is loving volleyball and says how much he enjoys having you as a coach"

"Keira did your volleyball camp & loved it!! She is on the jr team at school & going to playoffs next week!"