Mission & Vision


Stryker Sports Development - SSD

Our focus is to provide an outstanding opportunity for young players to develop to their maximum potential as a basketball or volleyball player, athlete and person. Led by an experienced coaching staff, our focus will be on skill development, personal development (physically, mentally and as a team player) and enjoying the game of volleyball or basketball while playing at the most competitive level available to their age group.


We encourages children to play multiple sports, particularly in the child’s early and intermediate development stages (ages 6 – 15). Multi-sport athletes have significantly less risk of serious injury, less stress and more rounded physical development. If your child is focused on a sport at an elite level such as gymnastics or club volleyball which have a significant time commitment, it is important for them to incorporate other physical activities such as swimming, cycling, walking or running in to their weekly schedule.


Thank you so much. My son really loves basketball thanks to your program. It is very well done!

Victoria has thoroughly been enjoying the Volleyball camp. In fact she has requested to continue building her skills all year!

Hi! My daughter and her friend are participating in the Saturday SW basketball sessions. They had a blast on the weekend!

Looking forward to our second daughter starting Volleyball. Her older sister is doing well in junior high and club Volleyball thanks to her beginnings with your program.